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How to Delete Sent Messages on Snapchat

Have you been having problems with How to Delete Sent Messages on Snapchat? I will show you in this article if you keep reading. Though Snapchat messages are only temporary, still it might make some of us a little more bold with our words than we normally would be. A lot …

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Inverter Batteries In Nigeria: What To Look Out For

If you are living in areas where you hardly have electricity, just don’t bother to continue reading this article because it’s not meant for you. Lol! But seriously, if you hardly have electricity how would you power an inverter? Except of course you are planning to use a generator, then …

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Steps To Transfer Money Through ATM: Detailed Guide

If you are reading this post I presuppose that you know what an ATM is already: Automated Teller Machine. I am sure most of you know that you can transfer money through atm to any bank account in Nigeria with your ATM Card, the problem, however, might be that some …

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How To Create Whatsapp Group Invitation Link

Group owners can now create Whatsapp Group Invitation Link which allows new members to join the group using the invite link. By so doing, group admin(s) don’t need to save the new member’s phone number before adding them to the group. Regular group members can also use the Whatsapp Group …

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