How To Get Diamond Bank Transfer Pin

With Diamond Bank Transfer Pin, banking transactions has been made a lot easier, as customers can now create a transfer PIN on their own and make transactions without visiting any Automated Teller Machine [ATM] or bank branch.

The Diamond Bank transfer PIN comes with a lot of advantages and is available to all customers regardless of your mobile network operator. There is also no need for internet connection and your bank account is accessible from anywhere in the world. If you are overseas, roam your phone line, and you’ll be able to transact with the transfer PIN.

How To Register For Diamond Bank Transfer PIN

There are two options: you can either register with your debit ATM card or with your date of birth. Either way, you need to have the phone number you registered with the account since this is a mobile phone transaction.

Steps To Register Your Account On The New Code

  • On your registered mobile number, dial *426#
  • Key in the last six digits of your debit ATM card if you want to register with your ATM card. If you wish to register with your date of birth, type in your date of birth in this format: day, month and year (DDMMYY). For instance, my date of birth is 31st October 2018, (I’m sure you know I’m lying here!) so I will type 311018.
  • Put in your Diamond Bank account number in the next prompt
  • Create a four digits PIN  that you can easily remember and confirm it.

If you followed those four steps, you must have successfully registered your account on the new transfer code.

What Can Be Done  With The Transfer PIN?

With the new *426# transaction code, you can register your account on it and create a PIN for yourself which you can use for any of the under listed transactions.

  • To check account balance
  • To recharge airtime for your line and that of loved ones
  • To transfer fund to both Diamond Bank account and other banks
  • To change transaction PIN

How To Check Account Balance

To check your bank account balance, dial *426*00# using your registered mobile number and you will get account balance notification.

How To Change PIN

If you feel your someone has compromised your PIN, just dial *426*0# to change to a new one. Remember always to use PIN you can easily remember.

How To Recharge Airtime

To recharge your phone number, dial *426*amount#. For example, if you want to make an N1,000 airtime recharge for yourself, dial *426*1000# and your line will be recharged right away.

But if you wish to recharge another person’s phone line, (like mine) dial *426*Amount*Phone Number#. For instance, if you want to reload N1,000 on my phone line which is 08025362660, dial *426*300*08025362660#, my number will be recharged at once, and I’ll be glad while you get debited. The maximum airtime recharge per day is Three thousand naira.

How To Transfer Funds

Whether you are transferring funds to other Diamond Bank user or other bank users, dial *426*Amount*Account Number#, select the bank and confirm the transaction with your PIN. The money will be transferred without delay with an immediate debit alert. The maximum amount of money you can transfer is Twenty thousand naira.


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