GTB Swift Code Number: GTBank Swift Code

Have you ever tried filling a form online or offline and asked for your bank Swift Code Number? In this article, I am going to be focusing on GTB Swift Code Number.

A Swift Code stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. But the GTbank Swift Code is to a certain extent different from GTbank sort code, but it the same as BIC (Bank Identifier Code) as well as GTBank IBAN Number. I have seen some guys confuse these three terms when filling their forms.

Anyone who has been doing online biz such as freelancer and most online marketers, they know what a swift code is, so if you are reading this it must be that you about to receive your first payment or you have been asked to provide bank information somewhere.

GTbank Nigeria Swift Code Number: Bank Identifier Code (BIC) for Guaranty Trust Bank

To send or receive funds if you are in a foreign country or you are in Nigeria, you will most times be asked to provide this unique identifier that the bank you are sending to or receiving from is globally known with. There are other functions banks use this code for.

GTB Swift Code Number is GTBINGLA.

Surprisingly the GTB Swift Code Number isn’t a number, after all, they are alphabets. Internationally, a swift code is more often than not eight or 11 characters. It is eight characters for the bank’s head office and 11 characters for other branches of the bank in the country.

Now, let’s look at the breakdown of the 11 characters.

  • The first four characters of a swift code symbolize the bank’s code. In the case of GTB, it is GTBI.
  • The next two digit stands for the country code, which in Nigeria’s case is NG.
  • The two lettering that follows (which are the last for head office) signifies the location code. GTBank’s head office is in Lagos, and Lagos’ location code is LA.
  • The very last three characters symbolize different branches of the bank throughout the country.

The aforementioned explains how GTBI-NG-LA is GTb swift code.

Most times, no one will ask you to provide your branch swift code. So if you are asked for your GTbank swift code, it is GTBINGLA.

That’s all there is to know as regards Gtb swift code.

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