How To Create Whatsapp Group Invitation Link

Group owners can now create Whatsapp Group Invitation Link which allows new members to join the group using the invite link. By so doing, group admin(s) don’t need to save the new member’s phone number before adding them to the group. Regular group members can also use the Whatsapp Group Invitation Link to add their friends without needing an admin.


How To Create A Invite Link Or QR Code For Your Whatsapp Group

The Facebook-owned app offers three variants of Invitation Link:

  • Option 1 is a link/RL which the interested member can visit and confirm to join the group
  • Option 2 is of a QR code of the same link which new members looking to join the Whatsapp group can scan the QR code and follow the link to join
  • Option 3 is in the form of NFC tag. You can write an NFC tag and that allows anybody to tap their NFC enabled mobile device on the tag to follow the link to join your WhatsApp group.

Steps To Make A Whatsapp Group Invitation Link

Only group admins have the authority to create a group invite link. If you are an ordinary member, then you need to ask your group admin to create the invite link.

  • Open the WhatsApp app on your device
  • Go to the group you intend to create an invite link
  • Open group info by following one of the two options below
  1. Tap on the group subject
  2. For Android users only: Tap on the ellipsis (i.e. 3 vertical dots) and choose Group info. Scroll a little down and tap on the Invite via link (Invite to a group via a link on iOS devices) option

A link which interested members can follow to join the Whatsapp group will be shown. You will find an option to share the link to your social media services.

You can now pass on the Whatsapp Group Invitation Link to all your users who wish to join the group. Be sure to share the link with only the people you know, else unknown persons will appear on the group and probably spam the group and also steal members phone numbers.

How To create QR code or NFC tag (Android)

NFC stands for Near Field Communications. If you are an Android user, you can generate the QR code and write NFC tag from the Whatsapp Group Invitation Link screen. Just click on the ellipsis and select the required option. You can get the QR code right away and take extra few steps to write the NFC tag. You can learn how to use NFC tags from this post.

How To Revoke Whatsapp Group Invitation Link


On WhatsApp, you have the option to revoke the link. It comes in handy when you find yourself in a situation where your Whatsapp Group Invitation Link gets shared outside of your circle and strange people start joining the group. You can always generate a new link after revoking the existing.

To revoke the link, follow the steps above from one through to three and tap on the Revoke Link option. It is available for iOS including Android users.

I must warn that by revoking the link, the QR code and the NFC tag will stop working. So, make sure that they get replaced at once so it does not cause inconvenience to the people willing to join the group.


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