Borrow Now Pay Later: MTN XtraByte and Extra Credit

MTN now allows you to borrow now and pay later with the MTN XtraByte and Extra Credit anytime you are out of data bundle.

To be eligible for the MTN XtraByte and Extra Credit will depend on your data and airtime consumption rate.

Dial *606# to borrow credit, and MTN will give you options for borrowing extra MB. The only setback of this borrow now pay later offer is that you cannot borrow data and airtime simultaneously.  I’m hoping in the nearest future MTN will look into that issue.

How MTN XtraByte is paid back

The Options of the Xtra MB are:

  • 10MB (55 naira)
  • 30MB (110 naira)
  • 100MB (220naira)
  • 200MB at (330 naira)
  • 750MB at (550 naira)

Each time you borrow MTN’s extra credit, 10% will be deducted from your airtime as commission. Same goes for the MTN Extracredit, instead of deducting the MB you wish to borrow, MTN adds the percentage of the value of the MB. For instance, 100MB cost N200, 10% of 200 naira is 20 naira, which means each time you load the said amount, it will be deducted from your account.

Please note that this airtime cannot be transferred to another MTN number since it’s a borrow now pay later offer just as any bonus cannot be transferred to another number.

What is the Validity period of the MTN Extrabyte?

The validity period depends on how long you use it. MTN aren’t going to force you to use it within one week or within one day as is the case with some bonuses. As concerns the borrowed data, the 10MB, 30MB, and 100MB all are valid for 24 hours, while the 200MB and 750MB are valid for 48hours and 7 days respectively.

Checking MTN borrowed MB (Data) balance

To check your balance,  dial *606# and choose “Next” and then choose “Extra Time Balance”

Your “Extra Byte Balance” and “Etra Time balance” will pop up the screen for you as well as your main balance.

This xtra data can be used to browse on any phone or internet device. The way  MTN Extra data works is that the more you load, the more MTN will borrow you higher Megabytes.

So c’mon guys, let’s go aborrowing with MTN XtraByte and Extra Credit!


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