Best WiFi Devices for Home Use and Small Businesses

If  you’re in search for the best wifi devices or you’re searching for the cheapest WiFi/ MiFi routers, or you need the best WiFi/MiFi routers for home, or you’re searching for top WiFi/MiFi routers for office, then you need to read this article.

Wireless internet has become a basic part of our lives both for home or office use. Having the best wifi devices is vital to keeping you connected and your life flowing smoothly.

Things to look out for

Not all MiFi/WiFi systems are made equa, they all have different abilities. Some are more powerful than others. Here are some things to look out for before buying a WiFi or MiFi:

  1. Coverage
  2.  Modem and Router
  3. LAN ports
  4. Number of Units
  5.  Price

Below are the cheapest and best WiFi devices you can use in your home or for small businesses:


best wifi devices

  • MTN 4G LTE MiFi costs N15,000 with 20% data bonus for 3 months
  • Also comes with a free SIM
  • Can connect up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices (i.e. smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc) simultaneously
  • Has 8 hours battery life with consistent internet connectivity
  • Perfect for homes & small businesses
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Glo MiFi

Glo MiFi

  • Glo 4G MiFi gives away 16GB worth of data
  • Costs N16,000
  • Can connect up to 15 WiFi enabled devices simultaneously
  • Glo MiFi guarantees unrivaled speed
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9mobile WiFi devices

9mobile WiFi devices

  • The 9Mobile MiFi (ZTE MF 910 LTE MiFi) gives both 4G & 3G connectivity
  • Cmes with a 2300MAh capacity battery that can last up to 8 and half hours
  • Priced is N18,800
  • Can connect up to 10 WiFi devices at once
  • Also, it comes with 10GB free data valid for 30 days
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Spectranet MiFi

Spectranet MiFi

Spectranet has diverse WiFi devices with a range of capabilities & benefits. These include the Toz Indoor CPE, Pebble MiFi 2017, Freedom MiFi 2017, Spectranet Outdoor Modem, Spectranet Portable MiFi, & Spectranet Indoor WiFi.

The Toz Indoor CPE is priced at N25,000

  • Connect up to 10 users
  • Come with 30GB with free night browsing

Pebble MiFi 2017 is priced at N20,000

  • Has multiple user WiFi access
  • Has about 10hrs battery backup
  • Also comes with 30GB with free night browsing

Freedom MiFi is priced at N 16,000

  • Has multiple user WiFi access
  • Comes with about 8hrs battery backup
  • Also comes with 15GB free

Spectranet Outdoor Modem is priced at N70,000

  • Has a higher signal strength & high gain directional antenna
  • Also has superior signal quality including a communication hub.

Spectranet Portable MiFi is priced at N25,000

  • Has multiple user WiFi access with up to 6hrs battery backup

Spectranet Indoor WiFi is priced at N35,000

  • Has multiple user WiFi access with a telephone interface for VOIP
  • Comes with an inbuilt rechargeable battery backup
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Ntel WiFi Devices

Ntel WiFi Devices

Ntel offers router, MiFi & mobile phones for seamless internet experience.

  • Price is N23,000
  • Comes  with one-month unlimited data
  • The device only can be gotten for N18,000.

Ntel router and ZTE Router MF286 price is N45,000

  • You can get the router with 3 months unlimited data for N65,000 only

The Ntel mobile devices namely Ntel smartphone Galaxy S7 can be purchased for N113,000, Ntel Konka R2 for N32,000, Ntel Tecno Camon C5 for N28,055, and the Ntel Nova for N25,000 with up to 50GB of data included

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Swift WiFi Devices

Swift WiFi Devices

Swift has essentially 3 WiFi devices namely The Nomad, Swift Runner, & Swift Dual Band Modem.

The Nomad connects up to ten WiFi devices

  • Has rechargeable battery that lasts up to 8 hours
  • Priced is N18,000 only

Swift Runner is a USB stick that costs N10,000

  • Can connect up to 5 WiFi-enabled devices

Swift Dual Band Modem has no limit on the number of WiFi enabled devices that can concurrently connect to it

  • Priced is N29,500 only
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Smile WiFi Devices

Smile WiFi Devices

Smile offers 2 WiFi devices:

The 10GB + SMIFI + 100% bonus data comes with 8 hours battery life

  • Connects up to 10 devices simultaneously through WiFi
  • Costs N12,900
  • It includes 10GB anytime data
  • Validity period is 30 days
  • You get 100% bonus data on recharge for monthly SmileLite with anytime data plan recharges

The 20GB + SMIFI + 100% bonus data connects to 8 devices at once via WiFi

  • Includes 20GB anytime data with 100% bonus on recharge of 3 months on recharging 7GB or 15GB anytime data
  • Priced is N22,000 only.
  • Bonus data for both devices includes 50% anytime & 50% Midnight data.

There are so many excellent choices of MiFi and WiFi devices out there that it may be difficult for you to make a decision. I’ll advice that if you’re planning on using it to run a small business, you should go for nothing but the best wifi devices.

It’s a wrap guys! Make your choice and buy whichever of the WiFi/MiFi devices that best works for you and, most importantly, the one that suits your budget.


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