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Ntel Compatible Devices Detailed in FULL

Have been searching for Ntel compatible devices because you about to buy a Ntel SIM? I have detailed a list of Ntel compatible devices in this article. Before we go on, let’s look at the Ntel network itself. Ntel Network is the most up…

MTN Nigeria Data Revenue Growth Hits 73.2%

MTN Nigeria Data Revenue Growth has reached a 73.2% increase in revenue from Internet subscription in the last one year. The telecommunications company (telco) also has 14.4% Year on Year (YoY) revenue growth for the period ended March…

nTel to Expand to 20 More States in Nigeria

nTel has plans to expand its operations beyond Lagos to 20 more states in Nigeria, Abuja and Port Harcourt inclusive. The expansion is expected to be achieved within the next 18 months starting from April 2018. nTel will be partnering…